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The Deviled Egg

If there is one food that is guaranteed to show up at almost every southern get-together, I’d place my bet on it being the Deviled Egg.

A bunch of food sitting on a table

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What Do You Put In Your Deviled Eggs?

The most popular ingredients in kitchens across America aside from the egg itself are mayonnaise, mustard, dry mustard, paprika, and/or curry powder. But in addition to the these ingredients as the basis of the filling, there are MANY great ingredient combinations that used to define a deviled egg such as bacon or cheese crumbles.

In this post, I am introducing FIVE methods for deviled eggs, including my Mom’s recipe for the classic version of America’s favorite potluck food. Make deviled eggs that go-to side dish for your next backyard celebration. Learn the BEST way to hard boil your eggs for PERFECT results every single time and garner inspiration from ingredients perhaps you haven’t used before. I’ve got all the bases covered!

deviled eggs with pimento cheese in a glass hen
Southern Deviled Eggs With Pimento Cheese

This post introduces five variations of the Deviled Egg, all equally delicious but each unique.

Kick off the festivities with this essential part of the Southern American entertaining tradition, the Deviled Egg. I mean, is it really a party without Deviled Eggs?

Hands down, the Deviled Egg is a guaranteed crowd favorite. They are easy to make and can be assembled ahead of time, making them the best appetizer to bring to picnics and cookouts.

Although they are a bit fiddly to make, they are most certainly not difficult, and do not require fancy ingredients. In parts of the Southern and Midwestern United States, the terms “stuffed eggs”, “salad eggs”, and “dressed eggs” are used interchangeably.

No matter the name, and for as many Deviled Eggs as I make for parties, I manage never have a single one left over…

Do You Have What’s Needed To Make A Batch Of Classic Deviled Eggs? Check The List!

for a classic deviled egg

white vinegar
black pepper

for tasty variations of the deviled egg, see

Mom’s Deviled Egg Recipe
Curried Salad Eggs
Bacon & Sweet Pickle Stuffed Eggs
The Diabetic Friendly Jamie Deviled Egg
Southern Deviled Eggs With Pimento Cheese

deviled eggs on a white plate, with chives
Southern Deviled Eggs With Pimento Cheese

Just How Popular Are Deviled Eggs?

I hope my friend Lisa reads this post and recalls the time she and I single handedly consumed four dozen Deviled Eggs I had made and brought to our friend Tom’s house for a cookout.

Everybody was outside and I was hunting for space in the fridge to stash my eggs until festivities were under way. As I recall, and like always at Tom’s, there’s a HUGE crowd.

I remember worrying as to whether I had made enough, and then Lisa walked in. I swear neither of us have any idea how it happened, but it just did. We chowed down. Like, SERIOUSLY chowed down.

I think there may have been 5 or 6 halves left, but mainly…we ate ’em all. Never have either of us really caught the end of Tom’s bewilderment over the egg heist…

How These Recipes For Deviled Eggs Came About…

I scour the kitchens and cooking habits of all my friends and family, always observing their use of tools, ingredients, and hacks. Over the years, I have picked up the following deviled egg methods simply by watching, tasting, and asking questions.

I easily have 35+ methods for deviled or stuffed eggs. These highlighted on Not Entirely Average are the most popular I make. Only recently have I added the Pimento Cheese Deviled Eggs. These may be my most popular yet.

How To Make Mom’s Deviled Egg Recipe?

There are many versions of Deviled Eggs. The least complicated ones seem to be the best. The first of these egg recipes is my Mom’s Deviled Egg recipe. She has deviled her eggs this way forever and it’s the variation my Dad and brother and I love.

Whole grain Maille is the key ingredient as well as a scant amount of a quality Dijon. These are savory eggs, finished with a paper thin slice of sour Cornichon. The ingredients are so easy that she doesn’t even measure…

A deviled egg
Mom’s Deviled Egg Recipe 

How To Make Curried Salad Eggs?

The next recipe came from the mom of an ex. Yep, cut him loose, but saved his momma’s recipe for Curried Salad Eggs. HA!

This recipe calls for the incorporation of Durkee Famous Sauce, and yes, it’s a waaaay southern thing. I was able to easily find Durkee at my local grocery, but then this is South Carolina, so I’ve included a link herein for online ordering.

Durkee was always something I was familiar with. I did not however begin using it until I watched chef Vivian Howard put it to use on A Chef’s Life.  I recall Vivian using it in potato salad. It’s also AMAZING in egg salad.

Curried Salad Eggs are incredible. Seriously incredible. The curry is sweet and fragrant. The addition of sweet pickled Vidalia onions as a garnish was my idea and they compliment without being too much.

I use my Cinnamon and Spice Pickled Onions recipe but use Vidalia’s in lieu of red onions, add turmeric to the pickling liquid, and chop the onions versus slice them.

These eggs as they were first introduced to me, had a slice of pimento-stuffed green olive on top. I feel like the onions are both prettier and better tasting with the pickled Vidalias.

A bowl of food on a plate
Curried Salad Eggs

How To Make Bacon & Sweet Pickle Stuffed Eggs?

At a going away party for a friend nearly 10 years ago now, I could not stop eating Bacon & Sweet Pickle Stuffed Eggs. Not much to these, but the addition of a couple of strips of well cooked, crumbled bacon and a dose of sweet pickle relish.

My friend Annie candies her bacon before adding, and you can certainly do this, too. I find these eggs are more pleasing when they are sort of plain – traditional cooked bacon, just a hint of the relish, and a scant dash of smoked paprika. Simple.

They really hit the spot. I could easily eat a dozen of them.

A deviled egg
Bacon & Sweet Pickle Stuffed Eggs

How To Make The Diabetic-Friendly Jamie Deviled Egg?

My niece Jamie has juvenile diabetes. The last time my nieces visited, I insisted their last night here include a home-cooked dinner at my house.

The entire dinner was made special; special for Jamie. During their visit, it seemed like every time a meal was eaten out or prepared at home, Jamie was left out of one helping or another of what was being served.

So, her Foodie Aunt Jenny changed what was being served; everything ALL of us would eat, but more importantly, EVERYTHING that Jamie could eat.  

I came up with a largely grilled feast, everything from Sriracha marinated prawns to charred peach and champagne chicken to gorgeously grilled vegetables. Since Jamie confessed to me that she “missed bread,” I baked up Brazi Bites so that they could be easily figured into her sugar count.

In my lifetime, I will NEVER forget how happy she was to be able to eat EVERYTHING on the table. I saw her take seconds and then thirds. It brought me more joy than I can express.

I developed this egg only after they left, one of many dishes I hope to make for her and for my entire family when they next visit. Honestly, this is a damn good little egg which uses creamed cottage cheese and white wine vinegar in lieu of mayonnaise, The Diabetic-Friendly Jamie Deviled Egg…

A Deviled egg
The Diabetic-Friendly Jamie Deviled Egg

How To Make Southern Deviled Eggs With Pimento Cheese?

This method may well be the easiest one yet. Either homemade pimento cheese or store bought pimento cheese is creamed together with the yolks and the filling ingredients to create a tangy and cheesy deviled egg.

If I make my Piquant White Cheddar Pimento Cheese, I half the finished recipe almost immediately so I will have half for snacking, and the other half for melting atop burgers, spreading onto buttermilk biscuits, and for incorporating into this fabulous egg method.

So, I’ve made an egg or two over the years, and there is something to the eggs themselves if you want to be correct about the method. I used to fume over eggs that would not peel. I used to tire of eggs that I thought were cooked through, only to slice into them and find a runny-ish yolk. Here it is, my imparted egg wisdom…

How Do You Hard Boil Eggs?

The age of an egg dictates how easily that egg will peel. In this case, purchase eggs from the grocery store, not a local farm. You want old eggs. NOT GROSS. Not.

An aged egg will peel but a fresh egg will not peel easily. Older eggs make better hard boiled eggs due in part to a thinner albumen and a larger air pocket at the top of the egg, something a fresh egg just doesn’t have.

Grocery store eggs are already a couple of weeks old by the time they’re received. Grab those. Just a fact.

  1. Start your eggs in cold tap water.
  2. Fill the water level to one inch above the eggs.
  3. Set the pot atop the burner and bring the pot to a  boil.
  4. The moment the boil begins, slap a lid on the pot and remove from the heat.
  5. Let sit undisturbed with the lid on for 12 minutes.
  6. Move the pot to the sink.
  7. Pour off most of the hot water and place the pot with the eggs under cool running water to stop the cooking process, about 2 to 4 minutes.
  8. While still in the water, gently tap and roll the eggs against the bottom of the pan to shatter the shells.
  9. Roll on every side and both ends so that the shell is well fractured.
  10. Your eggs should peel without issue.
deviled eggs on a white plate, with chives
Southern Deviled Eggs With Pimento Cheese

Should I Pipe Or Spoon My Deviled Egg Filling Into The Eggs?

I am indifferent about piping my eggs. Sometimes I get fancy and want a smooth filling, and other times I spoon the filling into the halves because I am in a hurry. Both ways are correct.

If you do choose to use a tip and your filling ingredients have bits of cheese or bacon or anything large, use a large open star tip. In a Wilton set, this is No. .21. If you do not have tips but still want to pipe, use a plastic baggie.

Simply load the filling into one of the bottom corners on the bag and snip a SMALL amount of corner off. You can snip more if you are not getting the result you want, but you cannot snip less, so start small.

What To Eat With Deviled Eggs?

I consider deviled eggs picnic-type food. That said, a deviled egg can also become a swank appetizer at a fancy cocktail party. This makes what to serve alongside deviled eggs very flexible.

If making the eggs for a gathering, consider serving my Deep South Barbecue Ribs, Perfect Barbecued Chicken Drumsticks, or good old Sloppy Joes.

If planning to serve at a cocktail or dinner party, think about pairing deviled eggs, a finger food, alongside other finger foods like Honey Whipped Ricotta Crostini With Peaches And Prosciutto, Beef Carpaccio With Capers, Olive Oil and Pub Sauce, or Smoked Gouda & Ricotta Fritters.

What To Drink With Deviled Eggs?

Really, ANYTHING goes here. In terms of beer (kegs and eggs!) my first notion is to urge a domestic lager such as Sam Adams. And there are too numerous to list IPA pale ales that would compliment beautifully.

As for wine, I get a bit specific. This has less to do with the egg, and rather everything to do with pairing the sharpness of the pimento cheese. Beaujolais, light, fruity and nicely acidic goes great with the zesty, creaminess of deviled eggs. If I want to be classic, a Trebbiano. This way, I am tasting some herbal and some citrus to offset the yolk. Also a classic, Gamay. A little woody and smoky compliment.

Can Deviled Eggs Be Made Ahead?

Yes. Deviled eggs can be made up to two days in advance. Hard boil the eggs and make the filling, and store them separately in the refrigerator.

When you’re ready to serve, just pipe the filling into the egg white halves and add the garnishes.

piping tips on a counter, with a bowl
A bunch of food sitting on a table, with Deviled egg

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  1. I love you deviled egg platter! And I usually only make my deviled eggs one day, so I’m pinning this to try all these different versions! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Well HELLO, and thank you!! 🙂 If you’re referring to the long wooden plank, that is actually an oyster board! But when I saw it, I knew that divot would be perfect for a “flight of deviled eggs!” Honestly, I am much like you. Until coming South, I was not inclined to prepare my eggs any other way than the way my Mom does hers. My eyes have been opened! If you get creative in your kitchen and prepare one or all, let me know what you think! I really love to hear feedback, good and not so good, on all of my recipes and their methods. BTW, I checked you out on Insta and your Etsy page. YOU ARE TALENTED, M’AAM! Digging the pencil scarf and the baubles!

  2. Love these recipes Jenny! I’m usually the one that brings the plain old deviled eggs to the get together. I’m not very imaginative when it comes to this! I am hoping this year we will be able to have picnics and BBQ’s again and I will get to surprise everyone this time. Thanks so much for the inspiration!

    1. Denise, thanks sooo much for this sweet comment! I am ALWAYS the one lugging the deviled eggs to the cookouts, too so I know what you mean. Once the planet is open for business again, I do hope you’ll give one of these newbies a try. Each flavor is its own tiny masterpiece. BTW, checked out your site – hope you do not mind. Your home is SO WARM! I feel like snuggling in the chair in your living room with a glass of rosé and a throw 🙂