Baked Figs with Roquefort and Honey

Baked Figs is an exquisite dish, combining ripe figs with rich Roquefort or Gorgonzola cheese and a drizzle of honey.

Whether served as a roasted fig appetizer or a grilled figs dessert, this dish will surely impress.


Fresh Figs Roquefort Cheese Honey Olive Oil

Preheat oven and add olive oil to a baking dish. Rinse fresh figs under cool water and pat them dry. Then, gently brush off any remaining dirt with a soft brush or paper towel.

Be certain to clean the bottom of the fig, where it was attached to the flower.

Trim the tips by snipping off the stem at the top of the fruit. The goal is to remove the hard part where the fig was attached to the tree, without cutting too deeply into the fruit.

To score, make a cross or an “X” cut at the top of each fig, slicing about halfway through the fruit. Be careful not to cut too deep, as the figs should remain intact at the base.

Open the four quarters of a fig after scoring, gently press the sides of the fig with your fingers.

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