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Boozy Macerated Strawberries atop a healthy scoop of French vanilla ice cream is a pleasure known to those who worship summer fruits.

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If there's one technique you need to learn for delicious desserts, one method to knock it out of the park every time, it's how to macerate the lovely strawberry.

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Boozy, Macerated Strawberries are a method more than they are a recipe, and they are entirely simple.

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What You'll Need

fresh strawberries juice and zest of a large orange sugar quality orange liqueur such as Grand Marnier or Triple Sec

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Made even more special by adding a splash of a fruited liqueur such as Grand Marnier, maceration is one of the simplest techniques to bring out the flavor and color of strawberries.

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Begin maceration at least thirty minutes and up to three hours before serving. The berries will lose their shape after about four hours.

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Hull and slice the strawberries and add them to a large bowl...any way you want to slice is correct.

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...add in the orange juice, fruited liqueur, sugar, and orange zest. Stir and allow to sit at room temperature, covered, for about 3 hours.

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During maceration, the liqueur and sugar will work their magic across the exposed surface areas of the fruit. 

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Serve heaping spoonfuls of the fruit and juices over a bowl of slightly softened French vanilla ice cream...

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... or over waffles with sweetened whipped ricotta or a drizzle of salted or smoked honey.

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Boozy Macerated Strawberries

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