This one pot Chicken and Rice is a comfort 'go-to' which begins in a large skillet and finishes in the oven.

One Pot Chicken & Rice

Known for centuries as Plov, this chicken and rice dish is steam-cooked in broth. It's enhanced by the addition of exotic spices, fruits, and nuts.

If you've ever had the true pleasure of eating Indian Biryani, East African Pilau, or low and behold, an American Southern Perloo, then you've likely sampled some version of the dish I share today.

Basmati or Jasmine rice chicken thighs a chicken breast chicken broth a carrot an onion heads of garlic golden raisins bay leaves cumin coriander paprika Aleppo pepper or chili flakes

What You'll Need

The kind of rice you use for this dish matters, so stick to Basmati, Jasmine, or another long grain white rice.

Gather all ingredients and both rinse and soak some fragrant Basmati rice. Prep the veggies and chop the chicken breast and the chicken thighs.

Season the chicken liberally with salt and pepper while you heat oil in the Dutch oven to begin the chicken browning.

Remove the chicken pieces and add the onions and carrots to the drippings in the bottom of the Dutch oven. Stir in the raisins and aromatics and breathe in!

Bring some stock to a boil and drain the Basmati. Add the rice to the pot and add the boiling stock, the browned chicken, and the heads of garlic and bay leaf and BAKE!

After 1 hour, remove the Dutch oven and fluff the rice. Spoon heaps of the pilaf into shallow bowls ensuring each bowl gets some of the gorgeous chicken and fragrant roasted garlic...

Pull up to your table with a spoon in hand and enjoy every morsel of this comforting chicken and rice dish!

chicken plov

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