Southern Cream Cheese Pound Cake - Old Fashioned Recipe!

Southern Cream Cheese Pound Cake is an old-fashioned recipe that yields a big, beautiful moist cake for special occasions like Valentine's Day or any time of year!

Have I mentioned this is a two-step method? Two steps to an old-fashioned pound cake as good as any southern baker!

What You'll Need

cream cheese unsalted butter granulated sugar eggs bleached cake flour vanilla extract vegetable shortening

Let's bake a cake!


Beat butter and cream cheese with a stand mixer fitted with a paddle attachment, gradually adding sugar, until light and fluffy.


Crack your eggs into a measuring cup before beating into the batter, one at a time...


...and remove the bowl from the stand mixer to easily sift flour in. Stir in vanilla and beat until smooth.


Pour the batter into a tube cake pan that has been greased with shortening and dusted with flour. Bake for 1 hour and 45 minutes!



Cool on a wire cooling rack for 2 hours. It'll be so worth the wait, you'll see!


Whisk up a Confectioner's sugar glaze or stew some fresh berries for serving. Don't forget the whipped cream!


Southern Cream Cheese Pound Cake