Twice each year, I offer a ham at a holiday gathering, first Easter and again at Christmas.



And twice each year, I am left with a mighty ham bone once the ham has been picked clean.



Freeze Ham Stock for Later Use

Making stock from scraps that might otherwise have been thrown away is a bonus, not to mention homemade stock is so much more flavorful than anything canned from the store.

Use For Soups

A rich, nutrient-dense bone broth, ham stock is used in southern cooking to flavor and elevate many dishes including soups and gumbos.

Add To Creamy Casseroles

I like to deglaze my pans with ham stock when assembling comforting casseroles. You can also flavor braised cabbage, red beans and rice, black eyed peas, and braised bratwursts and sausages.

Gamechanger Breakfasts

Southern breakfasts equal country sausage or ham gravy. Use ham stock to elevate the flavor in your breakfast gravy just by adding a little to your roux. Bye-bye boring breakfast...

Gratins Just Get Better

Use ham stock to braise meats and vegetables. This gratin of endive and julienned ham gets much of its fabulous flavor during the braise, all cooked low and slow using homemade ham stock.

Chop Some Vegetables

I like to begin with a trilogy of onion, carrot, and celery. Place the ham bone into a large stockpot with the vegetables. 

Add Aromatics and Water

A few pantry staples which will add subtle flavor to the stock are tossed in with the bone and vegetables. Oh, and if you have a leek and fresh parsley, chop and add those in, too.

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We're just getting started!

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