Bake my cream cheese pound cake recipe to serve with!

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Jenny DeRemer

Boozy Macerated Strawberries atop a slice of pound cake or nestled beneath a scoop of French vanilla ice cream is a pleasure known to those who worship Spring's first fruit!

Let’s get started!

"If there's one technique essential for fruity desserts, it's mastering the art of macerating strawberries."

– fresh strawberries, not frozen – a fresh orange both for its juice and its zest – orange liquor – raw sugar

A Few Ingredients You Will Need

Clean The Berries


Hull the berries after thoroughly washing and drying them. Leave whole or slice. Place into a container that has a tight-fitting lid, but don't close it just yet.

Zest, Then Juice


Zest the surface of a thoroughly washed and dried single large orange into a bowl. Then, squeeze the juice and pulp right on top.

Add Sugar and Liquor


Measure the raw sugar and the orange liquor. Whisk both into the orange juice mixture until the sugar is mostly dissolved. 

Macerate The Fruit


Pour the liquor mixture over the strawberries ensuring they are mostly tucked beneath the liquid.

Time Equals Perfection!


Have patience! Allow the berries to sit at room temperature, lid on, for 3 hours. You will notice they begin to lose their shape slightly.

Serve Your Masterpiece


Serve over angel food or pound cake, over French toast, or in a bowl with freshly whipped cream. Oh, and prepare to receive compliments galore!

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