Cheesy Mashed Potatoes Casserole

This Cheesy Mashed Potatoes is a combination of sour cream and sharp cheddar provides a creamy texture and familiar and comforting flavor to typical mashed potatoes.

It's made with fresh potatoes and melty cheese.

It has Fresh chives and green onions folded into the potatoes offer a freshness that cuts through the richness and adds flavor.

You can gather the following medley of simple yet hearty ingredients, where each plays a tasty role in crafting the best potatoes.

You can choose what type of cheese you'll be using for a gooey and melty paradise that will satisfy cheese lovers.

You can prepare this recipe ahead of time for a stress-free holiday meal.

Finally, this ultimate make-ahead casserole for cheesy whipped potatoes promises to be a crowd-pleaser!

Ready to dig in?