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Light and Bright Parsley Pesto Salmon

Jenny DeRemer

This recipe for Salmon just may convert those who do not typically enjoy fish! It's light, bright, and healthy.

Let’s get started!

Think of this as the ultimate baked salmon recipe, perfect for a 'light meal with vibrant flavors'.

roasted red pepper olive oil salmon fillet whole heads of garlic onion fresh parsley fennel stalk with fronds lemon zest raw almonds Balsamic vinegar

Ingredients For Making Parsley Pesto Salmon

Arrange the Salmon


If you want to bake individual salmon fillets, go ahead and cut them. When placing them in the baking dish, arrange them with their sides touching as if they were one large fillet.

Roast the Garlic and The Onion


Preheat oven. Place trimmed onion halves and garlic heads, cut side down, in olive oil in a baking dish. Roast turning onions halfway with kitchen tongs.  and roast. 

Make Some Pesto


Add parsley into the food processor. Take a stalk of fennel, tear off a few fronds, and set them aside. Keep the bulb for later use.

Assembling the Salmon


Rinse and dry the salmon. Place in the center of the dish and spread the aromatics over the surface. Squeeze out a few cloves of the half-roasted garlic and place them on the fish in a few spots.

Ensuring the Salmon is Completely Cooked


When the salmon looks pink and the garlic, onion, and roasted peppers are aromatic, take the baking dish out of the oven and set the broiler to high heat.

Bronzing the Salmon


Squeeze out a few more garlic cloves and swirl them in the juices around the fish. Add reserved fennel fronds and start spreading the pesto over the salmon surface.