Normandy French Onion Soup

Ah, French onion soup – a timeless classic in the heart of France, known simply as “soupe à l’oignon gratinée”. This easy version promises an unforgettable dining experience!

This hard cider and onion soup delivers that comforting feeling with a Norman twist to create the best French onion soup imaginable.

For THIS recipe, use self rising flour and work on a lightly floured surface of self rising flour.

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Butter Onions Hard cider Croutons Cream ...and a few other pantry staples

Tie a bouquet garni with kitchen twine, leaving about a 10-inch ‘tail’ on one end of the twine. The tail will be used to connect the bouquet garni to the handle of the Dutch oven.

Melt several tablespoons of butter in a large Dutch oven and add two thinly sliced onions to the pot, stirring to coat the onions well.

Saute the onions over medium-low heat until softened and lightly caramelized. Tie the bouquet garni to the pot's handle and gently poke it down to submerge it. 

Pour the contents of a bottle of hard cider into the onion and herb mixture and bring everything to a boil. This step infuses the onions.

We need to make a roux to achieve the rich broth that will envelop the onions. Using unsalted butter together with all-purpose flour, aim for a caramel color and nutty aroma.

If you are somebody who makes homemade chicken stock, this recipe is the place to use it! If you prefer store-bought chicken broth, it will work fine, too.

It's time to marry the cider-infused onions together with the rich broth! It's only now that things really heat up!

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