A Recipe for Charleston Pickled Spiced Shrimp

The bold flavors in this Charleston Pickled Spiced Shrimp recipe are so fresh and intense, an encore performance will inevitably be required.

With much gratitude and appreciation, this recipe modified slightly from the original, courtesy of our friends at Edmund’s Oast Restaurant in Charleston, South Carolina!

All of this crunchy loveliness is introduced to locally sourced shrimp, poached in a bath of lemon zest and Old Bay Seasoning.


Lemon juice Red onion Celery Carrots Fennel bulb Fresno chili Champagne vinegar Olive oil

Combine lemon juice, Champagne vinegar, olive oil, fish sauce, celery seed, and garlic powder in a large bowl and whisk to incorporate. Add the sliced vegetables and give everything a good toss.

Add 4 quarts of water to a large stock pot. Add in two tablespoons of Old Bay seasoning and the zest of two lemons and bring all to a boil. 

 Add the shrimp and poach for no more than 2 minutes. Use a spider to skim the shrimp from the water and place hot shrimp directly into the pickling liquid.

Spoon everything into a large and clean glass jar making sure all of the shrimp and vegetables are covered with the liquid. Attach the lid tightly.

Place into refrigerator to chill for 9 to 12 hours or overnight.

About 2 hours prior to serving, remove the jar of pickled shrimp from the refrigerator and allow to come to room temperature.


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