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Rhubarb Sauce with Strawberries

Jenny DeRemer

Strawberry rhubarb sauce balances rhubarb's tartness with sweet springtime strawberries.

Let’s get started!

This recipe is perfect for showcasing the deliciousness of fresh fruit and will inspire new ideas for its use.

fresh strawberries granulated sugar lemon juice from a single fresh lemon fresh rhubarb Kosher salt

Ingredients For Making This Rhubarb Sauce with Strawberries

Juicing the Strawberries


Hull and slice strawberries. Mix with sugar and lemon juice, stirring well. Position a mesh sieve atop a saucepan on your countertop. Add strawberries.

Stewing the Rhubarb


Allow the berries to drain into the saucepan for 30 minutes, then add a bit more sugar and the sliced rhubarb to the saucepan. Bring to a boil.

Combining the Finished Fruits Into One


Mix strawberries into rhubarb compote. Remove from heat, transfer to bowl. Let cool before serving, around 45 mins.