delicious and succulent Atlantic crab is so good with hushpuppies or Carolina red rice middlins

Stuffed Deviled Crab: A South Carolina Lowcountry Classic

Stuffed Deviled Crab is a rich baked crab meat stuffing that will transport you to the Lowcountry of South Carolina in a single bite.

Vibrant green onions, Fresno chilis, Dijon, lemon juice, seafood seasoning, and crab meat are among the few ingredients necessary to assemble Stuffed Deviled Crab.


mayonnaise Dijon mustard sherry seafood seasoning ground mace large egg green onion crabmeat buttery crackers ...and a few other pantry staples...

Scoop the crab right from the can into a large bowl and sift through it using your fingers and feeling for any shell fragments to discard.

Pick the Crab Meat

To bake the deviled crab, you need six shallow oven-proof dishes, six crab back shells from your fish monger, or six of these nifty disposable aluminum tins.

Prep the Aluminum Tins

Cook Aromatics and Vegetables

Sauté finely minced vegetables and aromatics until soft, about 5 to 8 minutes.

To a large bowl, whisk together all of the ingredients along with the cooled aromatics and crabmeat.

Mix the Crabmeat Stuffing

Spoon about a half cup of the stuffing into each prepared crab tin. Load the stuffing evenly so it's not all just centered in the deepest part of the tin.

Prepare a warm butter and sherry sauce to baste the crab with before baking until golden. Don't forget to...


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