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Three-Layer Southern Hummingbird Cake

Jenny DeRemer

If you enjoy simple banana cake, like pineapple, and love basic cream cheese frosting, it's time to start baking!

Let’s get started!

This classic southern layer cake is known for its familiar tropical flavor, pineapple.

all-purpose flour granulated sugar baking soda ground cinnamon large eggs vegetable oil vanilla extract canned crushed pineapple in juice bananas pecans vegetable shortening

Ingredients For Making This Three-Layer Southern Hummingbird Cake

Prepare Your Tools and Your Workspace


Before starting your recipe, take eggs out of the refrigerator and place them on the counter. Prepare wire racks for cooling the layers, as well as your cake stand, offset spatula, and parchment paper strips for frosting. 

Prepare Your Ingredients


For intense banana flavor in the cake, use slightly overripe bananas and cut into pieces. Preheat the oven and lightly toast about one cup of chopped pecans. Remove from the oven and let them cool while you continue prepping.

For the Cake


Preheat your oven. Lightly grease the bottoms and sides of the cake pans with shortening, then flour them, tapping out any excess. Set aside.

For the Cream Cheese Frosting


While your cake layers are baking, place cream cheese and softened butter in the bowl of a stand mixer or a large bowl for use with a handheld mixer. Beat until smooth.

Assembling the Cake


Spread cream cheese frosting on the first cake layer then repeat with the second layer. Top with the third layer and spread the remaining frosting on top and around the sides. Garnish generously with pecans and scatter organic lavender flowers on top.