Ultra Satisfying Chicken Noodle Soup Recipe

This quick and easy chicken noodle soup recipe uses last night’s chicken dinner leftovers to becomes today’s scrumptious meal, all in just about 30 minutes.

It’s chock full of all the good stuff including tender chicken and a flavorful broth and is hard to beat on those days where the weather gets the better of us.


Butter Onion Stalks celery Carrots Garlic Bay leaves Chicken Chicken stock

To the bottom of a large Dutch oven, melt some butter over medium-high heat.

With the side of your knife, heavily smash each of the cloves of garlic. Move the garlic to the pot.

Add 6 cups of stock to the pot.

Next, add the contents of a can of condensed cream of chicken soup.

Taste the broth. If you feel the liquid requires additional richness, consider adding.

Stir the noodles into the soup.


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