Hey there, and welcome! I am a Charleston, South Carolina based culinary novice, ardent authority on all things travel, designer by trade, and creator of Not Entirely Average. My degree is in Interior Design with a minor in Geomorphology but it’s pretty safe to say that I am currently practicing neither of those!

As you look around Not Entirely Average you will find wonderfully straightforward recipes written with the novice home cook in mind. They are easy to follow and cooked many times in my own kitchen for my family before making it here.

Jenny DeRemer of Not Entirely Average
Jenny DeRemer at Garden & Gun Magazine’s Sporting South Gala, Charleston, South Carolina.

My Background

I moved from Basking Ridge, New Jersey to Charleston, South Carolina back in 2005 where I experienced culture shock almost immediately upon arrival. In sharing my recipes, I seek to combine the food and traditions I grew up with together with the new culture I’m discovering here as a transplant in the great American South. Food is the best way to bridge cultures and generations, so it’s where I’m starting! I have a weakness for farmers markets, delight in adventures way off the beaten path, enjoy documenting my recipes through photographs, and have been known to conquer the occasional yard sale with gusto!

How I Learned

Over the past two decades, I have become enthusiastic about cooking. My first introduction to southern food, in particular Gullah, was so powerful that I set out learn all I could from anybody who was willing to teach me. I also love the history of food and food practices. The Carolina’s and outlying Sea Islands are a treasure trove of history and people are willing to teach the old ways if you show interest.

I’m a bit of a nerd in that I collect old menus. So far, my collection includes turn of the century passenger ship menus and many from well-known bygone era New York restaurants. I love to travel and spent time taking cooking classes in France as well as an introductory culinary program locally here in Charleston.

Jenny DeRemer of Not Entirely Average

Not Entirely Average

This blog began as a way to share food and experiences with my friends and family up north. I learned that not only did I enjoy sharing recipes but also that my friends and family were eager to try them.  There is no way I would have imagined Not Entirely Average would blossom into the sheer scale it is today with readers from 29 countries and a mass collection of good southern food with a few Yankee recipes thrown in for good measure! I promise you there is something for everyone on this site and I hope you will enjoy the process of preparing recipes from Not Entirely Average as much as I love sharing them with you.

Jenny DeRemer of Not Entirely Average