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Looking for some kitchen action? If the answer is ‘yes,’ than you are in the right place. I for one am glad to see you. I’ll see more of you as a Not Entirely Average reader should you choose to tag along. Oh, and just for joining me, I’ll send you my brand new eBook titled ‘From Jezebel Sauce to Frogmore Stew, 14 Recipes From My Charleston Lowcountry Kitchen.’ Um, yeah I think it’s pretty darn worth it 🙂

Here at Not Entirely Average it’s my goal to inspire the home chef in you. Whether you’re a rookie or an expert, I want to be a part of your kitchen happenings. Plentiful farm to table cooking doesn’t have to be complicated. I offer up some delicious and kid approved family meals as well as grownup treats for entertaining. I’ll show you how to see whatever the event through with recipes that save time, and always offer you the opportunity to get in on great deals for ingredients or kitchen tools from brands with whom I partner. I love a good sale, don’t you?

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