20+ Easy and Delicious Chicken Dinner Recipes

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Looking for some new and tasty ways to cook chicken? Check out these 20+ easy and mouth-watering chicken recipes, perfect for any occasion. Discover over 20 easy and delicious chicken dinner recipes, from chicken pasta bakes and Italian favorites that outshine their restaurant counterparts, to a unique chicken finger recipe made with Cap’n Crunch cereal—but all grown up! Dive in for a variety of mouthwatering dishes that will elevate your dinner game.

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Skillet Chicken with Beans and Greens

A cast iron skillet with a mustard chicken and beans.
Image Credit: Tara Noland for Noshing With The Nolands

This French-inspired Skillet Chicken with Beans and Greens is a sophisticated and delicious meal that comes together effortlessly in just one pot. The chicken, beans, and kale are simmered in a rich wine mustard sauce, creating a flavorful dish perfect for serving over mashed potatoes, polenta, or with crusty country bread for dipping.

GET THE RECIPE: Skillet Chicken

15 Minute Honey Garlic Chicken

Chinese style honey garlic sauce chicken over brown rice.
Image Credit: Jenny DeRemer for Not Entirely Average

This irresistible 15-minute Chinese-inspired Honey Garlic Chicken recipe satisfies your craving for your favorite takeout! Over rice, alongside fried rice, or tossed with noodles, it’s minimal effort for a truly comforting evening meal. This quick, crave-worthy sauce will leave you wanting more, and the recipe specifies using both chicken thighs and chicken breasts. Enjoy the perfect blend of sweetness and garlic goodness in just minutes. It’s an easy stir fry chicken method that allows you to say farewell to takeout and welcome homemade satisfaction with this quick and easy recipe!

GET THE RECIPE: Chicken Stir Fry

Crispy Chicken with Herbed Carolina Gold Rice & Scratch Pan Gravy

A dinner plate filled with fried chicken breast over rice with brown chicken gravy.
Image Credit: Jenny DeRemer for Not Entirely Average

Serve this Crispy Chicken and Rice dish with pan gravy and American-grown rice cultivated in the Carolinas. Savor the tender chicken coated in a crispy crust, perfectly paired with fragrant Carolina Gold rice infused with seasonal herbs. Bump up your dining experience with the rich aromatics of this dish. Oh, and it’s super delicious!

GET THE RECIPE: Chicken and Rice

‘Chicken on The Ritz’ Casserole

Creamy leftover rotisserie chicken casserole with crushed Ritz crackers on top.
Image Credit: Jenny DeRemer for Not Entirely Average

Let’s talk about Ritz Chicken Casserole, also known as Million Dollar Chicken Casserole! With just a handful of simple ingredients, this easy chicken dish delivers a creamy, velvety sauce that perfectly enhances the flavor of tender chicken and crispy Ritz cracker topping. Perfect for hectic nights, this ‘Chicken on The Ritz’ Casserole is a surefire hit. Plus, if you have a rotisserie chicken, you’re halfway to enjoying this easy and satisfying recipe!

GET THE RECIPE: Chicken Casserole with Ritz Crackers

Chicken Enchiladas with Three Cheese Chipotle Sauce

Mexican style cheese and chicken enchiladas in a casserole dish.
Image Credit: Jenny DeRemer for Not Entirely Average

Bump up your weeknight dinner game with my Chicken Enchiladas featuring a tantalizing Three Cheese Chipotle Sauce, prepared in just 1 hour! These enchiladas deliver next-level flavor and unmatched freshness that will leave you craving more. They work exceptionally well for meal plans. Say goodbye to bland dinners and hello to an adaptation of a classic for busy families!

GET THE RECIPE: Chicken Enchiladas

Chicken Korma

A big bowl of chicken korma.
Image Credit: Erren Hart for Erren’s Kitchen

This irresistibly rich and fragrant Chicken Korma recipe features a creamy texture and authentic flavors that will leave a lasting impression.

GET THE RECIPE: Chicken Korma

Crispy Baked Chicken Sandwiches

Two baked chicken breast sandwiches on toasted buns with lettuce and coleslaw.
Image Credit: Jenny DeRemer for Not Entirely Average

It’s everything you think it should be when you take your first bite of this Crispy Baked Chicken Sandwich, boasting a perfect blend of tenderness and crunch. This hearty, healthier version of this iconic fast food sammie brings the ‘restaurant feel’ to your kitchen, delivering that familiar ‘have-to-have-it’ satisfaction. Enjoy this crispy delight quickly and effortlessly with the air fryer instructions included!

GET THE RECIPE: Baked Chicken Sandwiches

Chicken Cordon Bleu Pasta Bake

A chicken cordon bleu and pasta casserole bake.
Image Credit: Lyuba Brooke for Will Cook for Smiles

Chicken Cordon Bleu Pasta Bake combines diced chicken, ham, tender pasta, a simple cream sauce, and lots of cheesy goodness. This easy chicken casserole is perfect for a comforting family dinner night.

GET THE RECIPE: Chicken Cordon Bleu Pasta

Chicken Cutlets with Sundried Tomato Cream Sauce

A pan of tender chicken in tomato gravy with fresh basil.
Image Credit: Jenny DeRemer for Not Entirely Average

Bring gourmet flair to your table and serve creamy garlic Chicken Cutlets in Sundried Tomato Cream Sauce! Tender, golden-brown cutlets meet a luscious cream sauce infused with savory sundried tomatoes for a burst of flavor in every bite. Even the pickiest eater will be impressed by this quick and easy weeknight dinner recipe. Don’t save this recipe for a special occassion, rather treat yourself to a restaurant-quality meal at home free of stress with this irresistible recipe. 

GET THE RECIPE: Creamy Sun-Dried Tomato Chicken

White Chicken Chili

A big bowl of white chicken chili with jalapeno pepper slices on the top.
Image Credit: Lyuba Brooke for Will Cook for Smiles

White Chicken Chili offers a flavorful diversion from traditional chili with its creamy base and tender chicken. Made with white beans, corn, sour cream, vegetables, and a perfect blend of spices, this chili is spot on any time of year. It’s also easy to double the recipe and freeze portions for later, making it a convenient and delicious meal.

GET THE RECIPE: White Chicken Chili

Perfectly Perfect Barbecued Chicken Drumsticks

Chicken legs on a hot gas grill with barbecue sauce.
Image Credit: Jenny DeRemer for Not Entirely Average

Fire up the grill for these Perfectly Perfect Barbecued Chicken Drumsticks! Juicy, tender drumsticks coated in a mouthwatering barbecue sauce will surely be a hit at your next cookout. Smoky and savory in flavor, these drumsticks are impossible to resist. Whether it’s a backyard barbecue or a weeknight dinner, these drumsticks will steal the show every time!

GET THE RECIPE: Grilled Chicken Drumsticks

Chinese Chicken and Broccoli

A platter of Chinese chicken and broccoli stir fry.
Image Credit: Erren Hart for Erren’s Kitchen

Create this easy Chinese favorite at home with garlic, ginger, soy sauce, and honey. It’s not only cheaper than takeout but also bursting with flavor.

GET THE RECIPE: Chicken and Broccoli

Easy to Make Chicken Francaise

Sauteed chicken breasts with lemon and lemon sauce in a pan.
Image Credit: Jenny DeRemer for Not Entirely Average

Prepare to be amazed by the cinch of a Chicken Francaise recipe! Also spelled Francese, tender chicken cutlets are bathed in a delectable sauce featuring zesty lemon, dry white wine, and luxurious sweet cream butter, creating a flavor sensation you dare not miss. With simple ingredients and easy-to-follow instructions, this one-skillet wonder is perfect for any occasion. Treat yourself to a restaurant-quality meal at home with this delicious dish!

GET THE RECIPE: Chicken Francese

Bacon Wrapped Chicken Breast

A bacon-wrapped chicken breast in sauce.
Image Credit: Ajoke for The Dinner Bite

Try this bacon-wrapped chicken breast recipe! Boneless, skinless chicken breasts are wrapped in bacon and seasoned with simple spices, then baked until juicy, tender, and caramelized on the outside.

GET THE RECIPE: Bacon Wrapped Chicken

Sheet Pan Chicken Thighs with Roasted Radishes

Crispy skin chicken thighs on a sheet pan baked with radishes and herbs and shallots.
Image Credit: Jenny DeRemer for Not Entirely Average

In an ongoing pursuit to bridge delicious with healthy, radishes are utilized now more than ever. Springtime is the BEST time to delight in this ambiguous little vegetable’s colors and surprisingly slightly sweet-when-roasted flavor.

GET THE RECIPE: Sheet Pan Chicken

Chicken Marsala

A skillet filled with Chicken Marsala.
Image Credit: Erren Hart for Erren’s Kitchen

Enjoy a classic Italian-American dish with this Chicken Marsala recipe. It features chicken cutlets in a rich Marsala wine sauce with mushrooms, onions, garlic, and pancetta. Bring the flavors of your favorite Italian restaurant to your table with this delicious recipe, so you won’t need to order in again.

GET THE RECIPE: Chicken Marsala

Dutch Oven Chicken Cacciatore

A Dutch Oven filled with hot Chicken Cacciatore with briny olives.
Image Credit: Jenny DeRemer for Not Entirely Average

This classic Chicken Cacciatore dish’s Americanized version starts on the stovetop and finishes in the oven. Olive oil, Italian seasoning, chicken, and a can of crushed tomatoes are the humble beginnings of this recipe, the comfort food of all comfort foods. White meat and dark meat chicken pieces are seared to perfection, seasoning an outrageous pan sauce rich with a thick wine reduction.

GET THE RECIPE: Chicken Cacciatore

Chicken Parmesan

Chicken Parmesan on a cutting board with herbs.
Image Credit: Lyuba Brooke for Will Cook for Smiles

Chicken Parmesan is a classic Italian-American dish that makes for a comforting dinner year-round. Juicy chicken breasts are breaded and oven-fried to achieve a special crispy texture, then topped with flavorful marinara sauce and melted Mozzarella cheese.

GET THE RECIPE: Chicken Parmesan

Chicken Plov Recipe – A Comforting One-Pot Chicken and Rice Pilaf

Chicken and rice with aromatics and garlic in a Dutch oven.
Image Credit: Jenny DeRemer for Not Entirely Average

No matter how you prepare them, chicken and rice recipes are comforting. Uzbek Plov is a one pot dish consisting of chicken and rice that is steam-cooked in broth and enhanced with alluring spices, fruits, and nuts. If you’ve ever enjoyed eating Indian Biryani, East African Pilau, or, low and behold, an American Southern Perloo, you’ve likely sampled some version of this aromatic dish.


Air Fryer Chicken Thighs

A board displaying crispy air fried chicken thighs and fresh herbs.
Image Credit: Tara Noland for Noshing With The Nolands

I love using my air fryer, and this Air Fryer Chicken Thighs recipe makes the perfect quick and easy family dinner! No more standing over a hot stovetop; let the air fryer do all the work while you get all the credit for a fantastic meal!

GET THE RECIPE: Air Fryer Chicken Thighs

One Pan Chicken Drumsticks and Potatoes

A cast iron roasting pan with chicken drumsticks and potatoes.
Image Credit: Jenny DeRemer for Not Entirely Average

Dark meat lovers rejoice because this method for Roasted Chicken Drumsticks and Potatoes is an outstanding one-pan wonder! After 30 minutes of saltwater brine, the drumsticks roast atop potatoes, Vidalia onions, chopped or baby carrots, and fresh lemon for a dish of simple ingredients PACKED with flavor. Serve with soup and salad for a complete meal!

GET THE RECIPE: Baked Chicken Drumsticks

Cap’n Crunch Chicken Fingers

A big platter of chicken fingers with a dipping sauce.
Image Credit: Tara Noland for Noshing With The Nolands

This Cap’n Crunch Chicken Fingers recipe blends juicy chicken tenders with a slightly sweet yet surprisingly savory crispy crust, creating a memorable appetizer or meal everyone will love. The finishing touch is an irresistible, dunkable mustard sauce!

GET THE RECIPE: Chicken Fingers

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